With the opening of TGS, we’re aiming to create a long-lasting and stable community of traders, which is going to flourish for the coming years. With this goal in mind, we went ahead and started our own trading floor where diverse set of traders trading everyday.

At Trading Game Strong, we envision building a global community of like minded individuals. We do not focus on building a strong clientele but an inter-knitted community of traders. The goal is to provide a platform to the traders across the nation where they can live the trading life together.

Trading is a rollercoaster of experiences, both good and bad, and our community allows one to share these experiences with other traders.


Our Community offers its members to trade together at our trading floor, opportunities to learn from each other’s trading exposures and a close-knit social group to experience a whole new world of Financial Freedom.

The TGS COMMUNITY is not restricted to geographical barriers, and is extended to the online platform of Discord where members experience the trading world.


TGS is a community of traders, who are all working together to trade as a team. We are a supportive and helpful community, with over 10,000 members, who are always ready to help each other with trading advice. Join us and share your knowledge with the community. TGS is the best place where you can make some new friends, interact and network with them.