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About US

Trading game strong is the best stock trading platform in India that brings excellent trading opportunities in the financial sector to a global audience. Throughout our journey, we have successfully mentored over 5,000 students, trained individuals from 100+ cities in India and 10+ cities abroad, and delivered best-in-class post-sales services for financial advice to thousands of people. We educate interested individuals who want to learn about the financial market's growth prospects through stock trading.

  • Advanced educational tools

We use cutting-edge educational tools to educate our clients about stock trading. In addition, we leverage academic publications, online tutorials, and in-person lectures. After the successful completion of the trading course, we will also give you a certificate once the course is completed as we see you become a professional trader.

  • Generate whopping profits

We are committed to teaching everyone and assisting them in generating profitable returns regardless of location, age, gender, or background. We also educate people about exclusive strategies for making the most of their small investments. So, if you want to make a second income to protect yourself from financial disruption, learning stock trading from the best trading platform in India is an excellent option.

  • Cost-friendly courses

We offer two specialized and cost-friendly courses to train several individuals about the fundamentals and ups & downs of stock trading. Our professional course membership starts at INR 15,000, which is far less than the cost of getting a college degree. Moreover, the income you will earn will be ten times that of a person with a college degree.

So, if you want to learn more about stock trading without spending a fortune, Trading Game Strong is the best stock trading platform in India for you. To learn more about our courses and solutions, please contact us.

TGS brings the opportunities of financial markets to global audiences. It is imperative that a company or an individual be aligned with the ever-evolving and dynamic STOCK Markets.


We help you get the potential to generate financial returns on both rising and falling prices across Forex, indices, commodities, shares, oil, metals, and cryptocurrencies. Whether you’re an experienced trader or completely new to it, we’re here to help you find freedom in the financial markets. TGS is a firm that specializes in financial market analysis. We recommend every opportunity in the market available to our customers. We at TGS guide you; not guarantee you the complete process of identifying the potential trade. Providing thorough trading knowledge to earn profits while being new to the market is our priority. Aiming towards minimized losses and maximized returns for our customers by educating them of the trading discipline and risk management.

Who We ARE

We are a Team of Trading Experts.

Trading Game Strong is an educational institution based in New Delhi where we bring
opportunities in the financial market to a global audience. We initiate a company’s or an
individual’s alignment with the ever evolving and dynamic world of the stock market.
We offer multiple courses to extend insight into the world of Financial Markets. The ISO Certified courses are comprehensive in nature, designed to cover all the technical aspects.
We at TGS have been committed towards enrichment and betterment of clients’ financial
welfare and towards society as well for more than 5 years. 
TGS has proven to be a dedicated client-centric company where we promise to deliver best-in-breed post-sale service and financial advice. The student driven culture at TGS focuses on our mission to make our students generate profitable returns and make financial independence a dream come true for them. The teaching style involves uplifting the potential to generate financial returns across indices, commodities, shares, oil, metals, and cryptocurrencies.

We at TGS guide you through the entire process of identifying the potential opportunities of
making gains. A trader is not one who can analyse the sentiment of the market, but someone who learns to take over his own emotional sentiment. With our courses, we not only provide relevant information but aim to focus on the psychological factors that come along with the process.

A well designed trading floor is made accessible to our students where they learn to trade in the live market. The world of TGS is open for all, from beginners to professionals, in order to build a community of like minded individuals. With a vision of building a financially independent youth population, Trading Game Strong provides a platform for all to learn and earn.

Our Team Mentors

Ameen Ahmed(Founder)

Ameen Ahmed is a founder of TRADINGGAMESTRONG, with experience managing global investors and day to day TGS operations, His background is analytical and highly focuses on risk management and capital growth.
Ameen is fueled by passion for understanding the various challenges in the market. he considers himself as ‘forever student,’ eager to both build on his academic foundations in business and psychology.
His hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has contributed to his most recent success at expanding TGS globally with soon opening offices in UAE.

Salman Sherwani(Founder)

10+ Years of experience in the stock market trading and public relations. With excellence in the field of marketing as well as finance, Salman has built a team that has been influential for the youth and getting immense appreciation all over India. Currently managing 10 high-performing marketing heads and 8 extremely talented traders who all together manage a community of 5000+ members.


With plans of expanding the community globally and the upcoming technology of web3 and metaverse, Salman holds a strong vision of creating a self-sustainable environment of finance and trading where all the traders and investors from around the globe will come under 1 roof to share their respective knowledge.

Traders / Mentors

                                     Ansh Malik

Ansh Malik is a Senior Trader and Mentor at Trading Game Strong, especially focusing on the Indian Stock Market.

Offering over 1 year of insightful experience in creating profitable trading/investment strategies (Long-term & Short-term), assessing risk, and appropriately allocating client’s capital Expert level understanding of capital market and trading systems

  • USP lies in creating tailored investment strategies with experience
    in generating annual returns of more than 20%
  • Successfully handled funds worth INR 50 Lakhs +
  • Experience working with large data sets – collection, analysis, and processing

                                             Arjun Kukreja

Arjun Kukreja is a fund manager and mentor at Trading Game Strong. He has 3 years of global market experience in the field of Wealth management with expertise in the Indian market.

Arjun has been a senior technical and derivative analyst managing a corpus of over 50 Cr. He has a strong experience in Proprietary trading using instruments such as Equity, future and option strategies. He has a strong hand in short term and long – term trading and investment strategies. He managed the fund of a Family account allocating resources in different asset classes such as real estate and debt as well.
He has graduated with a distinction in B-com Finance from University of Wollongong.
Arjun has an overall understanding of the Indian market starting from Trading aspects to backend to RMS and specializing in analysis.


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